Dwi Rubiyanti Kholifah
Jl. Raya Bukit Indah, Serua- Ciputat, 
Puri Andora C4 No. 31
Tangerang, West Java

PERSONAL PROFILE   ------------------------

Sex : Female
Nationality: Indonesia
Marital status : Married
Health : Excellent, non-smoker
Hobbies : Ttraveling, reading

I am seeking wide cooperation with multi sectors in strengthening capacity among women regardless religions, ethnicities, genders and class socials, so they could play significant role in building sustainable peace. I am interested to develop self resilience among women, so they can be independent in making decision about their life and community. Therefore they need to be sharpened their leadership skill and organization, and open their horizon and connection with different groups. When women have better knowledge, she will deliver better generation, who has commitment to seed peace.


N-Peace Award 2016

100 women of Salt Magazine 2015

One of The BBC’s 100 Women 2014 (Award for the most influencial women BBC’s version)

Hidden Pearl: The Hidden Pearls - Heroic Stories of Women Peace Builders, published UNDP Jakarta (2016)

Injustice, Gap and Inequality: Long Road To Post-2015 Sustainable Development, published by Kemitraan, Jakarta, first Edition, March 2013

Catatan Awal Tahun 2012, Kondisi Kebebasan Beragama di Indonesia (Annual Report on Freedom for Religion in Indonesia) published by Board of Coordinator , 2012

The Future of Asian Feminisms: Confronting Fundamentalism, Conflict and Neoliberalism,  Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2012

Contesting Discourses on Sexuality and Sexual Subjectivities among Single Muslim Women in Pesantren, published by Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010  



Newly Active member of Women's Alliance for Security Leadership-ICAN (2016)

The Women’s Alliance for Security Leadership (WASL) brings together existing women rights and peace practitioners, organizations, and networks actively engaged in preventing extremism and promoting peace, rights and pluralism, to enable their systematic and strategic collaboration. ( )

Streering Commitee on  Capacity Sharing of APWAPS (2014- now)

The Asia-Pacific Women’s Alliance for Peace and Security : A space for collaboration and conversations across Asia and the Pacific to bring about the kind of peace and security that matters to women. The Alliance aims to facilitate collaboration and conversations to work for a women, peace and security (WPS) agenda that places local women at the center. This is an agenda that prioritises the concerns of women most directly impacted by conflict, respects women’s agency, upholds women’s human rights, stresses accountability, challenges discriminatory norms and practices – and will be achieved through a transformational shift in power relations between men and women. (

Indonesia Leader of Action Asia (2010- now)
Action Asia is a network of peacebuilders coming from Asia-Pacific region and beyond, bringing together practitioners, researchers, academes in the field of conflict transformation and peacebuilding in order to provide ongoing support, follow up trainings, and to more fully contextualize learning and knowledge in this field. Furthermore, it provides a safe forum to exchange learning and experiences, across contextual boundaries, in order to further develop theory and praxis of peacebuilding and conflict transformation.

The network is directed by the Action Asia Leadership Forum which is composed of individuals who either act as consultants or trainers for Action Asia or those who have demonstrated a commitment to strengthening relationships and ties within the network and peacebuilding community writ large. The leadership makes sure that members are provided with capacities that they can explore to enhance their peacebuilding initiatives on the ground.

Regional Steering Committee of N-Peace (2015- now)
N-Peace is a multi-country network of peace advocates in Asia seeking to advance Women, Peace & Security (WPS) issues. It supports women’s leadership for conflict prevention, resolution and peace building, and promotes the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, and related resolutions, at regional, national and community levels. (

Members of Women Waging Peace ( 2014 - now)
The Women Waging Peace Network™ is a network of more than 2,000 women peacemakers from conflict areas around the world. The Network was launched in 1999 to connect these women with each other and with policy shapers. Members of the Network, all demonstrated leaders among women peacebuilders, are elected and appointed government officials, directors of non-governmental organizations and movements in civil society, scholars and educators, businesspeople, representatives of multilateral organizations, and journalists. With varied backgrounds, perspectives, and skills, they bring a vast array of expertise to the peacemaking process. ( ) 


Steering Committee of National Working Group on Women and C/PVE (2017- 2022)
Working Group on Women and C/PVE (WGWC) is a national cordinating body of multistakholders working on specific context of women and Countering/Preventing Violent Extrimism in Indonesia.  The WGWC aims to provide a space for exchange communicaiton among goverment and non goverment organizations in looking at wider spectrum of working on C/PVE in Indonesia. Moreover, the WGWC is also intended to advocate gender maintreaming on the area of C/PVE intervention including in the development of NAP CVE. 16 organizations have committed to joint with this group, which are committed to strengthen movement building on women and C/PVE in Indonesia.

Member of N-Peace Indonesia (2012 - now)
N-Peace is a network of peace advocates in Indonesia seeking to advance Women, Peace & Security (WPS) issues. It supports women’s leadership for conflict prevention, resolution and peace building, and promotes the implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 1325, and related resolutions, at regional, national and community levels. ( Representing both N-Peace and AMAN Indonesia, as drafter of National Action Plan on Empowerment and Protection of Women and Children in Social Conflict, later known as RAN P3AKS, working in coordination of Minitry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection, Minitry of Human Development and Culture. 

Steering Commitee of  Indonesia Beragam (2014-now)
The Indonesia Beragam is a collective movement among women-lead organizations, and organizations promoting women's issues in Indonesia. It comprises of 195 organizations spreading from Aceh to Papua. The word Beragam stands for Berdaulat (Soverignity), Bersih (Clean), Adil Gender (Gender Justice), Bergerak (Dinamic) and Majemul (Diversity).It is a national platform of women organizations to maintream agenda politics of women to be adopted into national. 

As collective movement, Indonesia Beragam aims to create a Indonesia civilization which is clean of corruption, free of poverty, free from any form of violence against women and minority, and respect diversities. Indonesia Beragam calls for all women's organizations to advocate 10 Agenda Politik Perempuan (Women Poltical Agenda) in the periode of 2014-2019. (

Member of National Taskforce  on Trafficking on Women and Children  (2015 - now)

Created by Ministry of Social Affair, this task force was formed to improve the quality of social reintegration services for survivor of trafficking. The Taskforce is a combination team between civil societies and representative of Ministry of Social Affair. The main task of this taskforce is to provide advise regarding policy and implementation of regulation on handling trafficking in person (UU No. 21 tahun 2007).

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